Screenr: Breakfast of Champions

Screenr is to screencasting as Eggo Waffles are to breakfast.  Easy to use, and something you’ll want to share with everyone.  O.k., maybe you don’t want someone toe leggo your Eggo, but you’ll definitely want someone to leggo your Screenr. There’s not a lot to like about this free, java ran, web based screencaster.

  • Sign in with your Twitter account?  Check.
  • Easy to use with a Mac or PC?  Check, check.
  • Plays on the web (or even on an iPhone/iTouch)? Check, check, check.
  • Free?  Booya.

There are tons of applications for the use of screenr in the classroom.  I used it most recently to embed into my Moodle site a screenr I made about how to peer edit using Google Docs.   So easy.

About the only thing Eggos have over Screenr is are syrup hording craters.  Once Screenr figures that out, game over.