Apocalypse Now

The worst thing in the entire history of the world has happened. Last night after having a delicious meal at True Thai in Minneapolis, I left the restaurant to find one of my rear passenger windows smashed into a billion little pieces of glittering auto glass strewn across my back seat and the adjacent curb. After pausing to digest what had happened (and my meal), I realized that for the first time in my life, my car had been broken into.

That in and of itself was bad, but worse than that? My school laptop was inside and it was stolen. Worse than that? It had nearly everything I’ve produced electronically over the last three years. And, if I do say so myself, some of my best work.

ActivInspire Flip charts
Any hand out or set of directions I’ve produced.
Class syllabus and grading policies.
Any video, audio, or photo clips I’ve gathered.
And the list goes on and on.

It’s not backed up anywhere. That’s my fault. I know I should have done it long ago, so please, spare me a lecture.
I don’t really care about the window, I have insurance. I’m really aggravated about the computer, but the school has insurance. The thing that I’ll never get back, is all the man hours I’ve put into creating some really great lesson plans (and some ones I hope the criminal chokes on) that may never be as good as they once were. The crime was against me, but more people are going to suffer because of it.

The terrible irony I give you permission to laugh at, at my expense of course:
The city of Minneapolis made me fill out my own police report…..online.

If by some virtuous luck, Apple declares tomorrow that it has exploding batteries on all Macbooks circa 2008, a small measure of justice may yet be exacted. Revenge, after all, is a dish best served cold.

Broken back window
Must've used a screwdriver
Rear Seat
I'm not collecting shards of glass, so why did a criminal leave it here for me?