Called to the Carpet

Recently in class my students have been using Google Docs for the first time to type a paragraph about the colonial experience.  For the most part, the writing process has been really well received and once the majority of the students got over the initial (minimal) learning curve of how to actually use a Google Doc, they got in to it.

As part of the assignment, students had a peer editing partner who was supposed to review their writing and make editing comments and give constructive feedback.  Here’s the problem with that: it only works if you actually do it.  If your peer editing partner doesn’t actually collaborate with you on your paper, Google Docs is just Microsoft Word, stored (conveniently I might add), online.

Guilty as charged.

I too, need to edit my student’s work.  If I’m not intentional about giving them feedback, how are they supposed to learn what I’m trying to teach them?   This problem was brought to my attention by a very polite and very accurate email sent to me by one of my students:

Mr. Freeburg,
I have completed my DBQ paper but you or ****** (my partner)  have not
made any comments on how to correct it, so i am not able to correct it
now. Also what do i do if my partner has not completed her own paper?
thank you,  *** ******

Well played *** *****, well played indeed.

A chairs full potential is only reached when someone’s back end sits on it.  Otherwise, it’s just a holder for my junk mail.