YouTube Capture

Capturing film on the iPad is one of it’s strengths, especially as a mobile device.  Getting that video onto YouTube – specifically a teacher or student created YouTube channel within my district, we’re single sign on – has been a struggle.

No more.

Google has recently released YouTube Capture.  YouTube Capture is built for an iPhone/iPod Touch, but will work on the iPad (I suspect full support for the iPad is forthcoming).  With YouTube Capture, filming and uploading your video straight to your YouTube channel is a breeze.  Once you have the app installed, you can access other videos you have saved on your iPad, upload them, and do some of the same light editing you can do on an the web, such as trimming clips, colore correction, stabilization, and adding soundtracks.  If students are using iMovie, they can save their feature rich videos to their camera roll, and then upload them via YouTube Capture.

The point of YouTube Capture is to get users to upload and create faster than ever before.  This is a huge boon for students who want to create videos for class, and for teachers who are sick of the workarounds on an iPad.


Click here to get the app.


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