Google Moderator in the Classroom

Google Moderator is a tool that allows you to easily add to a conversation.  You can either submit your own idea or question to be answered, or, ask a question or submit an idea.  Pretty easy, huh?  The neat thing it though, that you are an active participant in the discussion by voting on other questions or ideas that are “in the que”.

This way, you don’t just ask a question and sit back.  You also get a chance to see if there are other questions you might also have or maybe an idea you hadn’t even thought of yet.  I think this has a lot of potential in the classroom to incorporate higher order questioning with topics and have students submit their answers to the questions, or, make evaluative judgements on the questions that are being asked.

Here’s a brief example of how it works:

So how could you use Google Moderator in the classroom?  Click HERE to submit an idea and see how it works!


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