Your Classroom iTouches Really Need A Case

Nasty, just nasty.

Last year I wrote a grant to get a classroom set of iTouches.  The iTouches were a hit last year and I look to further implement them effectively into my classroom for the upcoming school year.

When I received them, I also got a Bretford Power Cart to house the classroom set in.  The Power Cart works really well for charging, syncing, and safely securing the iTouches.  So what don’t I have?  Cases.  I need cases.  Initially, I didn’t think I would (and, of course, it raises the cost of the investment) but starting year two, I can really see that I do.  Here’s why.


Although the iTouches are solidly built and I haven’t had one broke yet, students do allow the iTouch to “slip accidentally” or “bump” it off their desks on “accident”.  A simple case would prolong the shelf life of the hardware immensely.


The Touches can get down right nasty.  I’m not a germ-a-phobe, but with multiple grimy 8th grade hands pawing at the iTouches, they do get a lot of finger smudges on them, and the stickers start to peel off them.  Which leads me too….


Who am I, really?

The backs of my iTouches have two things: a sticker that identifies what number the iTouch is (which is then assigned to a student), and a district applied sticker a bar-code number on it.  Both fall off over time with normal wear and tear, but both are important for different reasons.  The district sticker is an obvious indicator that it’s school property, and can be tracked more easily.  The other iTouch number lets me know which student should be using which iTouch, and, helps the students match their Touch in the appropriate tray in the Power Cart.  The headaches could ensue if the Touch has neither of these.

Please don't take me out of the classroom. Please?

While it’s obvious that protective cases are meant to protect what’s inside of them, from a practical standpoint, they are well worth the investment.  If you’re investing in a classroom set of iTouches, you may not think you’ll need them, but if you elect not to get them.  You’ll be sorry……at least I am.


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