Are Activboards a Waste of Time?

What’s this?  A poll?  Well yes, it is in fact a poll.  See, recently I have done a few workshops where I trained other teachers on how to start using their Activboards with ActivInspire.  It went over well and the participants gained practical and exciting things they can use in their classrooms once the school year starts up again.  Although these teachers were generally optimistic about the potential an Activboard can have in their classroom, I have spoken with or read the thoughts of many educators who are unimpressed with Activboards.

So…..where do you fall?  Do you think Activboards are a good tool that can be used in the classroom or are they a waste of money and a fad?

After voting, please leave your comments below and discuss!


2 thoughts on “Are Activboards a Waste of Time?

  1. I do not think that Activboards are a waste at all. However, IWBs are just a tool and a tool in the wrong hands can be used poorly. When coupled with proper professional development, they greatly increase teaching and learning, student achievement, teacher effectiveness and more, they are highly effective.

    Teachers who may not appreciate their IWB may not have received the support they needed, are not motivated to increase their effectiveness (intrinsically), have poor administrative leadership, are too stubborn to change their teaching pedagogy or other factors. Sometimes all it takes is showing them a little of what can be done, as they may never have seen the possibilities of this technology before. If they are using it as a standard white board, then they very well could not see the value.

    I see you use Promethean and one thing Promethean strives for is to create a full support system for teachers: from sharing best practices, to PD, to ongoing support and conferences.

    If you ever need additional support, please enlist the help of your local Promethean teaching and learning consultant.

    Thanks for all your great posts!
    disclosure- I am a teaching and learning consultant for Promethean.

    1. Thanks for the response Dave. How crucial, in your opinion, how crucial is the role of instructional support after the board is installed? In my observations, this is one of the main reasons educators like the “idea” of the board, but fall out of favor without quickly.

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