Et Tu, Courier?

Well, I guess I was wrong.  I was uber pumped about the potential of a device being worked on deep within the confines of Redmond , but it looks like the fabled Courier – like the Loch Ness, Unicorns, and Leprechauns before it – is just a myth.  Something that will never happen.  At least, not as it had first appeared.

After retiring, the former President of Entertainment & Devices Division at Microsoft, Robbie Bach, said that it was mostly a research and concept piece.  You know, much like my the volcano I made in 5th grade.

Just because it's not "real" doesn't mean it wouldn't be awesome.

The good news (if there is good news) is that Mr. Bach sees that elements of the Courier could be used someday.

Bach:  Well, Courier — Courier, first of all, wasn’t a device. The project and the incubation and the exploration we did on Courier I view as super important. The “device” people saw in the video isn’t going to ship, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t learn a bunch and innovate a bunch in the process. And I’m sure a bunch of that innovation will show up in Microsoft products, absolutely confident of it.

The thought of what Courier might be able to do in the classroom intrigued me greatly (and still does).  But, until a product like this ceases to be vapor ware and becomes a reality, guess I’ll just have to be content with my iTouches (which I am).

(For the full interview with Bach, check Tech Flash here)


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