Tech Training Wheels

One of the best things about attending the Google Teachers Academy in Washington D.C. last year was being meeting like minded educators who shared similar beliefs about technology.  Out of this meeting, came the idea of a few of us to start a website educators could go to as a resource for how to learn different technology skills and implement them into a classroom or school setting.  The idea we came up with was Tech Training Wheels.

Want to learn? Check out Tech Training Wheels

Tech Training Wheels’ aim is to not only provide video and document tutorials to educators who wish to understand more about using technology in the classroom, but to also create a social community where anyone can create a community and upload it for sharing.  The more readily accessible knowledge in one place the better.  TTW officially launched a few days ago, but within just a few days the site has already seen growth with new users signing up to share videos.

Register a new account and share your knowledge today!

*Full Disclosure*

The people who have put in the hours to pull Tech Training Wheels off have far exceeded my own and they deserve a ton of credit in doing this along with dedicating time to their day jobs, families, eating, sleeping, and breathing.  Tech Training Wheels is completely free.


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